“The children’s music teacher Guru. Wonderful teacher, creates beautiful bonds with her students. And an amazing singer/performer!” – Sonia Pereira

“I hope this finds you well an enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend!  Guess what? We are finally moving out of the city (again) – this time for keeps.  We found a place Upstate NY and we’ll be moving at the end of June.  We will miss so many people, but you’re one of those really special ones — having known F., T., and H. as your lucky students, and having been one of the lucky parents who got to experience your classes for many years now.  You could say we waited to leave the city until our three kids were almost grown out of your class!

Actually, I really believe that your classes were the foundation for both F.’s and T.’s continued passion for music. F. continues to play violin at age 10, an instrument she started when she outgrew your class.  The only trouble she runs into is that her ear is so well trained that she can easily “cheat” and learn new pieces after listening to a recording of them, instead of the more challenging option of reading the music!  T., 7, is still playing the guitar and LOVES it — as you may remember this is a boy who canNOT be forced into doing something he isn’t passionate about.  He often says to us as he’s learning a new song, “listen, don’t you love the way that chord sounds?”  H., who will turn 3 a few weeks after your class ends this semester, is already a big fan of yours after being in class with you almost as long as he’s been alive and, as you know from seeing him each week, he can’t get enough of dancing to the music.

I hope you keep my email in your contact list because we will certainly come to see your performances from time to time when we can, and I will always look forward to seeing your name come up in my Inbox.” Meghan C Moore

“Gabriele, I was so sorry to miss you and our last class. I wanted to thank you for a wonderful 2 years of fun, music and learning. Mark and Kate have grown to love music because of you and your enthusiasm for teaching. They love to play instruments, dance, and now Mark is also singing. And so much of their enthusiasm reflects yours. While I’ve already contacted the “Music Together” folk in RI so I can continue with Kate and Mark, I know it will never be the same. As Mark would say, there is only one “Hello”.

Anyway, thanks again for everything. I shall miss you and the laughs.”

sincerely, Deborah De Simone

“Today after dinner, Ellie was marching around the house saying something that was a little hard to understand, but from what I could make out it was “Bring back money.”  Over and over again.  Bring back money.  For like 20 minutes.  I was a little puzzled about where she’d picked up a phrase like that.  And then I finally put it together…

Bring back my Bonnie to me. From class this afternoon. I started singing it and sure enough, she lit up.  ‘Bring back Bonnie! Bring back Bonnie!’ She then had me sing it, over and over, for the rest of the night. Every time I stopped, she’d say ‘Bring back!  Bring back!’ It made an impression.  Just as you’ve been saying over the last couple weeks — they absorb so much! Thanks for a great class.  See you next week.”

Debora Cahn

“My 3 year old daughter, Lianne, has been attending Music Together classes with Gabriele for the past 2.5 years.  It was a wonderful way for us to connect and ensure that music plays a regular role in our home and in her life.  After 8 semesters in the program, I can confidently say that the Music Together program made a huge impact on many aspects of Lianne’s life, far beyond the 45 minutes weekly sessions.

Like most infants/toddlers, Lianne enjoyed music and dancing.  Attending Music Together classes exposed her to the world of sounds, instruments, colors, rhythms, movements, patterns, and languages.  Gabriele’s Music Together classes have been rich and stimulating.  From large variety of instruments, to accessories (such as scarves, elastic bands, bells, teddy bears, drums, parachute, etc.), to dance movements, all of which are combined with a diverse collection of songs.  Through these great sessions, Lianne not only blossomed musically but also learned to follow instructions, expanded her vocabulary, and developed her coordination.

Additionally, the weekly classes gave us tools and ideas to bring music to our home using the same songs and similar accessories used in class (scarves, soft animals, etc.). We followed the song book and played the CD in the background. Lianne pretended to be Gabriele and assigned her baby sister the role of teacher Sabrina. Through our music sessions Lianne gained more confidence, expanded her memory and language skills, and even started developing reading techniques by following the words under the notes in the song book. The music sessions evolved with time and the rest of the family members were involved (Dad, grandma, grandpa, and uncles). Lianne’s Grandma soon started taking Lianne to Music Together classes herself and both enjoyed the quality time spent together.

We feel extremely lucky to have met Gabriele and join her music program. Gabriele’s enthusiasm, passion to music, and high energy level are being radiated throughout her classes.  She has a great, loving approach to young children and knows how to keep them engaged.  Gabriele’s sense of creativity, outgoing personality, and vocal and acting capabilities are unmatched.  All these qualities make her classes not only a fun experience but a strong foundation for the love of music for many years to come.  And while the weekly classes help establishing this foundation, the sky is the limit to what level you can take in the personal life.

Thank you, Gabriele, for making such a great impact on our family’s life.”

Nurit Nitzan

“You might be interested to know that Henry was recently selected as a finalist in the Northern Manhattan Young Artists Competition. He and the other finalists got to do a concert and it was a really beautiful program. He sang several art songs, as well as musical theatre pieces. Although he’s now 13, he’s still a soprano for a little while longer J He’s also playing violin fairly seriously. He likes Stephan Grappelli and wants to play jazz!

Adam is also doing well – plays the cello and is singing in the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus training program.

We were all just talking about how doing Music Together got them off to such a great start!”

Hope all is well,
Leslie Burby

“Walter has benefited so much from music class.  He loves to recite the ‘Tiny Tim’ song, and is still obsessed with ‘Betty Martin Tip Toe.’ We put it on repeat for a dance party EVERY morning per Walter’s request. Thank you for bringing music and happiness to Walter and into our home!”

Cheers Laura Flahive Wu

“Since Sam will be starting preschool next month, and he’ll be in school 5 days a week, regrettably I will not sign him up for class this semester.  You’ve known each other since the first week he arrived here from Guatemala!!  Your class has been such a wonderful experience for him. He has loved it, and you, so much.  I know he will miss you a lot, and I will miss the stories about what happened in music class.

I wish you every success and happiness, and if he’s not too exhausted by school maybe I’ll sign him up for an afternoon class next time around. Thanks for making my boy a music lover.”

Love, Amy Laskey

“Ray and I had such a great time at the first class. It was so beautiful I got really emotional, and I felt tears come into my eyes a few times. I was just so happy to spending this special time with my baby, and to be doing it in such a positive environment. You really attract wonderful families – I felt like your class was an oasis in NYC!”

– Alison

Alison Rini