“Thank you so much for a wonderful semester at Music Together as always! Ludovic and I had enjoyed Monday morning classes with you thoroughly. Like I told you many times before, there is no better way to start a week! Ludovic still listens to the CDs and sings everyday. He pointed at the Church and sang “Hello Song” every time we passed by 114th Street… There is no words to describe the joy a mom feels at those precious moments.Thank you again for your endless warmth, smile, patience, and magical music!

Have a great summer!”
Best, Mei–Ling Lin

“I just wanted to thank you again for letting Max come to class today. I loved doing Music Together with Max when he was younger and I love doing it with Alex but nothing compares to how much I enjoy doing it with both of them. I love to watch them participate – each differently, appropriately to his age but with equal enthusiasm. I especially adore watching how Alex looks up to his older brother and tries to copy everything he does. His participation is definitely heightened when Max is there.

I truly believe that your class is one of the very few out there that kids even 4 years apart in age (like Max and Alex) can equally enjoy and benefit from. Thank you once again.”

best, Korina Tazbir

“Just a little note to let you know how much you are loved and appreciated! You have been a wonderful influence in Annike’s life – helping her not only appreciate music, but to be comfortable and even confident around others, to be generous and kind to other children, and to enjoy helping out (yes, she is your assistant on Wednesdays, but she has brought this spirit home with her and to us too!).

And since it is probably difficult for you to ‘see’ the magic that you do in class, please have a look at this video of you and your adoring sidekick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02pWotw3eYg

With sincere appreciation (and a big hug from both of us),
Karen Karbiner.

“I also wanted to tell you that Anna has been taking recorder lessons for about 6 months now. Although I don’t think Anna has any exceptional musical abilities, her teacher (who is very experienced) says Anna is the youngest student she has accepted and this is because of her understanding of rhythm and pattern in music, as well as her ability to listen closely to music. Although Anna was almost always an observer, rather than a participant in your classes, she clearly absorbed so much from your dynamic, engaging and — most of all — fun approach. I also believe that consistently attending MT over two and a half years made a significant difference. I give you and MT all the credit! Thank you!”
– Valerie Kathawala

“Just wanted to let you know the boys insisted on my playing Hello Everybody (not to exaggerate) about 20 times in a row yesterday. They shook morroccos and danced around in circles while we all sang. It was delightful. Clearly they’re getting a lot out of the class.”

Thanks, Julie Sacks

“By the way, I wanted to let you know that Oliver LOVES music class, and he sings the songs now at home all the time.  Whenever we have one of the MT CD’s on, he sings along, but recently, he’s even begun to break into song on his own, when no music is playing in the background.  We’re a pretty musical family, and so my husband and I are totally psyched when we see this.  Thank you for your contribution to Ollie’s musical development!!”

– Jill Leibowitz

“I want to thank you for an incredible experience with both of my kids over the past couple of years. Your class is not only fun but also so important from a developmental perspective. Watching Reed learn to follow along with the gestures and sounds, as well as the music, was wonderful. He still sings his favorite songs ‘This Train’ and ‘John the Rabbit’ all the time.”

Best, Sara Klock

“It took me forever to remove myself from your mailing list, it was an emotionally hard task for me to do, it was like the cutting of an umbilical cord. Your classes represent Artemisia’s first experiences outside the home, they are the wonderful memory of my musical adventures with baby Artemisia. She remembers you and still asks if we can visit ‘la maestra de musica'”.

Yours truly, Magdalena DeGenova-Rodriguez

“The court date to finalize Wogone’s adoption was this morning (luckily the judge said yes).  I know he really enjoyed his classes with Ann this year–his nanny brought him to the classes, but he and I played the CDs over and over again at home and often danced together to the music.  I think it was especially helpful for him, since he came here from Ethiopia last June without knowing any English, and the music allowed him to join in a group activity with a lot of pleasure even before he understood the words.  Many thanks for Music Together and for Ann’s kindness to him this year.”

Cheers, Holly Webber

“My children (ages 3 1/2 and 2) have literally been going for their entire lives to Sol La Ti’s Music Together (in Morningside Heights and Harlem). Not only do they love it completely when they’re there and miss it when they’re not there, they have learned more from it than I can possibly describe here. They sang early, they spoke early, they danced early and they found a sense of joy in performance that I attribute directly to the time they spent at Sol La Ti and under the guidance of its amazing director, Gabriele Tranchina.

Not only is Gabriele a great teacher of children, (when is the last time you saw a roomful of toddlers literally entranced by someone speaking?), she is a great musician and singer who can captivate a roomful of tired parents as well. Her skills also extend to hiring staff, (as the various teachers at her locations all seem to be skilled teachers and performers), and most important to us, her skills extend to human relationships. When my husband was laid off in December, I feared the loss in my kids’ lives of extras they valued most; Gabriele worked with us, however, and brought her already-reasonable price down to what was affordable to us. In that sense and in so many others, you can not put a price tag on what her program offers. (But it does, by necessity, have a price tag and it’s a bargain.)

I keep thinking that ‘this is the year my kids will age out of Music Together’. My kids, however, have made clear to me that they’d like to take classes with Sol La Ti for a long time to come. If you’re looking for a fall music class, check it out now at (website),”

Gail Karb