1. Class Fee: How much is the class?
Our 10 week semester costs $370.00 for new families, $355.00 for returning families.
2. Siblings discount: Do I get a discount if I have twins or two children enroll in class?
If you have 2 children enroll in class, the first child will be
$370.00 for new families and $355.00 for returning families, the additional child $295.00. If the second child is 8 months and younger, it will be free of charge (if accompanied by the older sibling.)
3. Make Ups: Can we do make ups, if we travel or if my child is ill?
Yes, you can do 2 make ups per semester. We have a make up scheduler on our website under “schedule”  “make ups”. You can sign yourself in at your convenience and if your schedule changes, you can also cancel the make up class.
Please note, make ups can not be transferred from one semester to the next.
4. Demo Class: Can we “demo” a class even when we missed the demos and there are no demo classes offered?
Yes, you can contact us and we can arrange for you to demo our class.
5. Late Sign-Up: Can we join after the semester has already started?
We accept registrations after we started a semester. If you are just a week or two weeks behind, you can make up the classes you missed. We can also pro rate the fee but we generally don’t pro rate more than 2 classes. We close registrations latest by week 4.
6. Can I join a mixed age class with my baby?
Absolutely! You can join any of our mixed age classes with your baby. If you decide to do so, sit close to the teacher, so she/he can give you special instructions on what to do with the baby if needed. We also provide you with a booklet specifically designed for “babies in mixed age classes”.
7. Should I take a baby class if my baby is 10 months old?
If your baby is very active, I would recommend to join our mixed age classes as it is likely that your baby will be crawling or walking soon.
If you feel your baby is an observer and not likely to start crawling or walking soon, you can still join the baby class.