Parent educational moment- Chants

Did you know?
Chants and songs that use a call-and-response pattern naturally support your child’s developing self-regulation—the ability to control his or her energy level, emotions, urges, and behaviors.
In “Rhythms and Rhymes,” each adult and child can take turns being the leader by “calling” out a verse (“Walking along on my feet, feet, feet”) while the other stays silent. Then, the other “responds,” repeating the same verse. When you are the leader, your child has to pay attention, listen to the words, and wait for their turn to give a response at the right time, building self-regulation skills. Leadership skills are developed when it’s your child’s turn to lead.

**Try this at home:**
Create your own verses about your family’s daily activities. The whole family can play taking turns being the leader, who “calls” out the verse, and the follower, who “responds” with the same verse at the right time. For example:
“Frying an egg in the pan, pan, pan . . . I’m gonna eat as much as I can . . .”
If you have an infant, walk around, tap, or bounce her to the beat as you say both the “call” and “response” parts of the chant. Then, try tapping or bouncing during the “response” part only. Feeling and hearing how the “call” and “response” work together will make it easier for her to participate when she is older.


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