Parent Education: “Nothing Blues” – Exposure to various styles

Nothin’ Blues
Did you know?
True to its name, “Nothin’ Blues” is in one of the forms of the musical style known as “the blues.” As an adult, you have probably heard many different styles of music: rock, rap, country, jazz, blues, classical. It’s important for young children to hear and play with a variety of musical styles, too. Children can develop an excellent music and movement “vocabulary” through active experiences with a range of sounds, rhythms, instruments, and musical styles—putting what they hear into action through movement and music-play.
Try this activity at home with your child:
If you have an infant, bounce her to the beat of the song as you sing. If your child is older, see what happens if you hold a doll or stuffed animal in your arms like the “baby” in the song. Your child is likely to follow your lead, singing to a favorite doll or stuffed animal.
Play the recording and clap or tap to the beat. Try playing patty-cake to the beat with your child or another family member.
It is also fun to dance to this song! Children of all ages can move in lots of ways, feeling the “blues-y” beat throughout their bodies. You can take turns being the leader who makes up ways to move that the others follow. Get the whole family up and dancing!


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