Parent Education: “Can you do what I do”- memory, listening skills

Can You Do What I Do?
Did you know?
Children love to imitate what they see and hear adults or other children do. Imitation is important to young children’s learning and development and it’s even more enjoyable during a music and movement activity.
Imitation helps develop a child’s listening skills, attention, and memory. During the rhythmic chant “Can You Do What I Do?”, children need to listen closely to the leader’s rhythmic sound-play (the “scat” singing), then remember what was said and try to repeat it back. Being able to listen, pay attention, and keep things in memory are important skills for a child to have for learning new things.
Try this activity at home with your child:
While playing the recording, take turns with your child as you repeat the rhythmic sounds of this chant.
Try adding physical movements to the rhythmic sound-play, stomping, twisting, clapping, etc. As you scat and move, your child will likely follow your lead, listening, paying attention, and remembering what you did so she can repeat it.
Encourage your child and others in the house to lead the song with their own made-up sounds and movements.


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