Parent Ed/Expand vobulary with “Me, You and We” song

Parent Educational Moment

Me, You, and We

This song has been one of the favorites this semester. All children no matter what age, seem to love love it. As our classes are coming to an end, ask your child which song they enjoyed in the Bell collection. We will be doing favorites in class.

Did you know?
One way to support your child’s language development is by saying a word as you point to the thing that is that word. “Me, You, We” is a simple song you can sing to do just this. As you are singing, point to yourself, to your child, and then to you both. How great that you can sing this simple and fun song while also supporting your child’s vocabulary development, even in infancy!
Try this activity at home with your child:
You can change the words of this song to new things around you that you can point to as you sing. For example, sing and point to the “Bed, Bear, Door” in your child’s room, or the “Spoon, Knife, Fork” on the dinner table.
With older children, try asking them (in your singing voice): “What’s over there?” or “What’s in your hand?” Then use their answers in the song.


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