Parent Ed “Allee Galloo” movement and music

Allee Galloo
When children run, ride a bike, play on a jungle gym, or throw a ball, they need movement skills such as coordination, balance, and body control. Since music and movement go so well together, songs can be a great way for children to practice these skills.
Try these activities at home with your child:
Children love how “Allee Galloo” builds from the quiet first phrase to the enthusiastic “wheee!” What makes this song even more fun is to add movement while you sing. For example:
• Sing quietly as you crouch down to make yourself small. Gradually get bigger and louder; then jump up high on “wheee!”
• Start by making little movements with your fingers. As the song builds, make larger and larger movements with your fingers, then your hands, then stretching your arms up high on “wheee!”
• Dance around the room! Your child will enjoy twisting, jumping, and interpreting the music in his own way.
• Ask your child to show you how she moves to this song in class.
Hold smaller children on your knees and bounce higher and higher as you sing. With one- and two-year-olds, hold hands to help them walk, and then swing them up in the air on “wheee!”


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