What the Kathawala family discover?

The Kathawala family brought their first daughter Anna continiously to class for 2.5 years. While coming with their second daughter to MT, they made a wonderful discovery:

“I also wanted to tell you that Anna has been taking recorder lessons for about 6months now. Although I don’t think Anna has any exceptional musical abilities her teacher (who is very experienced) says Anna is the youngest student she has accepted and this is because of her understanding of rhythm and pattern in music, as well as her ability to listen closely to music. Although Anna was almost always an observer, rather than a participant in your classes, she clearly absorbed so much from your dynamic, engaging and — most of all — fun approach. I also believe that consistently attending MT over two and a half years made a significant difference. I give you and MT all the credit!”

Thank you!
Valerie Kathawala
Nov 12, 2010


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