How a family made MT part of their daily life

Our Music Together Journey…..

My 3 year old daughter, Lianne, has been attending Music Together classes with Gabriele for the past 2.5 years. It was a wonderful way for us to connect and ensure that music plays a regular role in our home and in her life. After 8 semesters in the program, I can confidently say that the Music Together program made a huge impact on many aspects of Lianne’s life, far beyond the 45 minutes weekly sessions.

Like most infants/toddlers, Lianne enjoyed music and dancing. Attending Music Together classes exposed her to the world of sounds, instruments, colors, rhythms, movements, patterns, and languages. Gabriele’s Music Together classes have been rich and stimulating. From large variety of instruments, to accessories (such as scarves, elastic bands, bells, teddy bears, drums, parachute, etc.), to dance movements, all of which are combined with a diverse collection of songs.

Through these great sessions, Lianne not only blossomed musically but also learned to follow instructions, expanded her vocabulary, and developed her coordination. Additionally, the weekly classes gave us tools and ideas to bring music to our home using the same songs and similar accessories used in class (scarves, soft animals, etc.). We followed the song book and played the CD in the background. Lianne pretended to be Gabriele and assigned her baby sister the role of teacher Sabrina.

Through our music sessions Lianne gained more confidence, expanded her memory and language skills, and even started developing reading techniques by following the words under the notes in the song book. The music sessions evolved with time and the rest of the family members were involved (Dad, grandma, grandpa, and uncles). Lianne’s Grandma soon started taking Lianne to Music Together classes herself and both enjoyed the quality time spent together.

We feel extremely lucky to have met Gabriele and join her music program. Gabriele’s enthusiasm, passion to music, and high energy level are being radiated throughout her classes. She has a great, loving approach to young children and knows how to keep them engaged. Gabriele’s sense of creativity, outgoing personality, and vocal and acting capabilities are unmatched. All these qualities make her classes not only a fun
experience but a strong foundation for the love of music for many years to come. And while the weekly classes help establishing this foundation, the sky is the limit to what level you can take in the personal life.

Thank you, Gabriele, for making such a great impact on our family’s life.


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