Why the Kogod Family stuck with MT for all those years?

The Kogod Family was awarded as one of the longest enrolled families in MT history. Why they stuck with MT for all those years? Here is what they say:

 “Celebrating Long-term Music Together Families”

Music Together headquarters had recently notified me that the Kogod family had been among the families longest enrolled in Music
Together history. They joined our BPC location with their oldest daughter Leah in 2002 and continued with their son Eliot in 2005 until
date without a break. When Eliot was born Leah and Eliot both took class together. It helped Leah adopt in her new role as a big sister. Eliot is now 5 and he is on his last semester in our older kids classes on Monday afternoons.

I have enjoyed both children, their parents and their nanny Sharon thoroughly over the years. I was a big part of Leah and Eliot’s life’s
and could clearly see the tremendous growth of both children, musically and otherwise. We wish the Kogod family all the best and thank them for the interview.

In the interview Music Together headquarters asked why they found such value in the program and why they continued class for so many years with their children. You can Read what they and other long-term enrolled families gained in Music Together’s latest newsletter under “They Always Come Back” : “Celebrating Long-term Music Together Families” “It’s the cohesion and the consistency of the Music Together program that makes the difference,” says mother Lauren Kogod.

Lauren and her children Leah (nine) and Eliot (five) have been enrolled in Gabriele Tranchina’s New York City center since Leah was a baby. Leah now plays piano and also composes and notates her own songs. “She feels so comfortable with music; it ‘belongs’ to her,” says Lauren. “I guess there’s no way to prove that her interest or facility comes directly from her years in Music Together, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say it does!”


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