Some Pointers for Parents of Infants

1. Exaggerate your mouth and facial expressions while singing to your baby.

2. Sing to your baby often. This is done for the same reason that you speak to your baby before he can talk. The ear is completely developed very early (first trimester). Your baby loves to hear you sing.

3. Listen for cooing and crying on a particular pitch. Mimic their sound on the same pitch. You need to be the careful listener to match their pitch.

4. Emphasize rhythm by tapping on and stroking baby, different places on the body.

5. Infants learn rhythm by feeling it through their parents’ body as they move so hold them close and move distinctly to the beat.

6. During class, turn the infant toward you either on a blanket, propped on a pillow, or on your knees.

7. Adjust what the class is doing to fit the needs of the baby. Ask for suggestions, or refer to the Music Together songbook. Each song has specific ideas for infants.

8. Stick songs-try gently tapping on the stick the baby is holding.

9. Drums-rest the baby’s hands on top of yours and allow their hands to “ride along” while you gently tap the drum.

10. Lullaby time is for cuddling. Memories of being sung to and rocked are powerful memories for many adults. I remember listening to my mother’s heartbeat as she rocked me. Give your child this gift.

11. Share the music in a fun, loving way. You are your child’s most important teacher.