“My 3 year old daughter, Lianne, has been attending Music Together classes with Gabriele for the past 2.5 years.  It was a wonderful way for us to connect and ensure that music plays a regular role in our home and in her life.  After 8 semesters in the program, I can confidently say that the Music Together program made a huge impact on many aspects of Lianne’s life, far beyond the 45 minutes weekly sessions.

Like most infants/toddlers, Lianne enjoyed music and dancing.  Attending Music Together classes exposed her to the world of sounds, instruments, colors, rhythms, movements, patterns, and languages.  Gabriele’s Music Together classes have been rich and stimulating.  From large variety of instruments, to accessories (such as scarves, elastic bands, bells, teddy bears, drums, parachute, etc.), to dance movements, all of which are combined with a diverse collection of songs.  Through these great sessions, Lianne not only blossomed musically but also learned to follow instructions, expanded her vocabulary, and developed her coordination.

Additionally, the weekly classes gave us tools and ideas to bring music to our home using the same songs and similar accessories used in class (scarves, soft animals, etc.). We followed the song book and played the CD in the background. Lianne pretended to be Gabriele and assigned her baby sister the role of teacher Sabrina. Through our music sessions Lianne gained more confidence, expanded her memory and language skills, and even started developing reading techniques by following the words under the notes in the song book. The music sessions evolved with time and the rest of the family members were involved (Dad, grandma, grandpa, and uncles). Lianne’s Grandma soon started taking Lianne to Music Together classes herself and both enjoyed the quality time spent together.

We feel extremely lucky to have met Gabriele and join her music program.  Gabriele’s enthusiasm, passion to music, and high energy level are being radiated throughout her classes.  She has a great, loving approach to young children and knows how to keep them engaged.  Gabriele’s sense of creativity, outgoing personality, and vocal and acting capabilities are unmatched.  All these qualities make her classes not only a fun experience but a strong foundation for the love of music for many years to come.  And while the weekly classes help establishing this foundation, the sky is the limit to what level you can take in the personal life.

Thank you, Gabriele, for making such a great impact on our family’s life.” Nurit Nitzan

Nurit Nitzan

Hi Gabriele!! I hope you are well and that your CD is doing well. Daniel will be back….I have to tell you…he always picks up a wooden rack that has pegs to hold bells (the bells fall off!!…its from ikea!) and he sits and holds it as a guitar and strums while he sings the “Hello” song (he doesn’t pronounce it right, but he has the tune). He loves to sing. Thanks! Take care.” Rita Aszelos

“I have always counted you as being among the most wonderful people I known. The experience for Logan and me at So La Ti’s Music Together has been very special.  However, I had no idea that I was going to revisit it.  Then Liam came along and I am so happy that he has been able to enjoy the classes as well.  They have been especially important to him because unlike Logan he is quite frightened and extremely and shy of new faces.  The music classes have been most effective in getting him out of his shell.  I now see him approaching other children and reaching out to them.  The transformation is just amazing.  I play the CD at home quite often and it’s such fun to see him twirl and dance and clap his little hands.”

Warmly, Sonia

“Thank you for your kind words about Hailey; she always talks about music class and Hello Everybody on Wednesdays.  Evett and I were just commenting on how grown up she is, time is going too quickly.

Thank you for all you do in your classes.  I work in education, and was incredibly impressed by your class when I got to come.  Especially how seamless all of your transitions are, and how wonderful you are with the kids.  I loved that I got to get a taste of what Hailey gets to enjoy with Evett every week.”

Have a great weekend!
Meredith Somsel

“The family I come from is extremely visual but TOTALLY non-musical it’s SUCH a thrill to see both kids earning musical skills and tools. Leah picked out “Ode to Joy” on the keyboard last month– and I am flabbergasted. You’ve given us a precious gift, Gabriele!! and you can put this on your web site!!”
Lauren Kogod

“Soraya and I (and dad since it was a holiday) all attended our first mt class in tokyo yesterday. (the bells series.) it was fun, but we missed you! you make such a connection with babies, toddlers and parents too. you are not only engaging and animated but very compassionate as well. I hope that you keep inspiring little ones (and big ones). please stay in touch, come visit here (always welcome with us!) and have a happy, happy 2009.”

love, Victoria Fouladi and Soraya (who hums, claps, sings and dances at home to music)

Thankyounote Tanya Brief

“It’s funny, because Leah never said much about your class, but now that she’s not actually doing it, she plays “music together” continuously — she asks me to put on “Gabriele’s music,” she gets instruments for herself and for me, and she pretends to be you (and I am assigned to be Leah). Without a new CD, we’ve had the opportunity to revisit some of the old ones, and she has fallen in love with “Greensleeves” (which she calls “the sweater song”). She’ll be glad to rejoin you in the fall term.”

Lauren Kogod

“I wanted to thank you for teaching true music to Emma-Rose throughout the past 2 years and for giving such a constructive feedback to us when we had attention issues in class with Emma-Rose. Our family thinks very highly of you and of your program and we will treasure the CDs and book that we got through Sol La Ti.”

All the best,
Laureline de Lichana-Mauret

“Ella and Emery and I were just playing your MT CDs this evening and singing together and Ella was saying she missed ‘those days’ – today is her birthday and she turned 8!  Perhaps we can pop in on a class one of these days to say ‘hi’ and sing with you.  You remain so dear to us and you have had such incredible influence on both Ella and Emery’s music development.  Ella just performed as a lead role, Baloo, in the Jungle Book in her school’s Musical Theatre spring play.  You would have been proud!”

Sending much love and best wishes on the release of your CD,
Paul, Laura, Ella and Emery Brown