Class Schedule

Online 10-week WINTER

Mondays   (Starting Jan 11, 2021)

10:30 AM       Gabriele T           Mixed ages (Birth to age 4)
4:00 PM         Gabriele T     MT Pre Rhythm Kids, (ages 3-5)

Wednesdays     (Starting, Jan 13 2021)

9:30 AM           Gabriele T       Mixed ages (Birth to age 4)
10:45 AM         Bill P                Mixed ages (Birth to age 4)
12:30 PM         Gabriele T        Youngsters Class  (children up to 14 months)

Thursdays    (Starting Jan 14, 2021)                                                  

10:00 AM         Gabriele T     Musikalische Mäuse (Mixed ages)

10:45 AM          Gabriele T       Mixed ages (Birth to age 4)                                                                             

Fridays    (Starting Jan 15, 2021)

10:30 AM         Mia N          Canta Y Baila Conmigo (Mixed) 

Saturdays    (Starting Jan 16, 2021)                                                                  

10:20 AM      Davis H     Mixed ages (Birth to age 4)


Concerts in the Parks as soos as the weather permits

Sunday    (Dec 13, 2020) (Celebrating the Holidays)

9:30 AM       Gabriele T       Mixed ages  (112 St/Riverside Dr)

12:00 PM       Gabriele T       Mixed ages   (CityCollege/Convent Ave bet 138-139 St)

Tuesday    (Dec 15, 2020) (dependent on weather)

9:20 AM       Gabriele T       Mixed ages    (112 St/Riverside Dr)



601 West 114th Street, New York, NY 10025
(Corner between Broadway & Riverside Drive)

no classes for Spring

Harlem Artist Space  (Map)
653 Lenox Ave, New York, NY 10037
(Lenox Ave at 143 St)

Wednesdays  no classes for Summer


MORNINGSIDE GARDENS (Recreation Room) (Map)
100 La Salle Street, New York, NY 10027
(Corner Broadway between 123rd & 125th Street)

Saturdays    no classes for Summer

81-86 Morningside Ave, New York, NY 10027                                                      
(between 121rd & 122th Street)

Thursdays no classes for Summer


Gigi’s Playhouse (Map)
106 West 117 St, New York, NY 10026                                                                               
(near Lenox Ave)

no classes for Summer