Parent Educational Moment: Songs without words

French Folk Song

Did you know?
“French Folk Song” is one of Music Together’s many songs without words. Because children do not have to process both language and music at the same time, songs without words allow them to focus on just the music. Songs without words are also often the first songs in which pre-verbal and dual-language learners are able to participate.
Songs without words also help to support children’s language development in any language, by giving them practice in articulating different sounds and syllables.

Try this activity at home:
Put on the recording of “French Folk Song.” Sing along, pretending to be an instrument by singing how it sounds, like a “drum” or “flute.” Experiment with lots of different instrument sounds, asking your child for ideas. Another day, pretend you’re visiting a zoo and sing using the sounds of the animals that you see there.


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