Parent ed moment: Spinning and balancing

Parent ed moment: Spinning and balancing
Help your child with the development of the vestibular system
Did you ever wonder why young children can spin and spin and never get dizzy? It is because they have not yet developed the vestibular system (the body’s balance mechanism in the inner ear) which is responsible for our sense of balance. It is genereally completed by the time a child is 2.5 years of age. Spinning can acuatlly help stiulate the development of a very young child’s sense of balance. Over time, as the inner ear develops, the child will become just as likely as an adult to get quite giddy while moving this way. That’s why in class when dancing, we spin and balance on one leg a lot.

Try this at home
When you play “Merry go round” at home, try to balance on one leg to the macro beat of the song (change legs on “1”), and spin whenever you hear “around and around and around”.

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