Your classes were the foundation for our childrens continued passion for music.

“I hope this finds you well an enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend!  Guess what? We are finally moving out of the city (again) – this time for keeps.  We found a place Upstate NY and we’ll be moving at the end of June.  We will miss so many people, but you’re one of those really special ones — having known F., T., and H. as your lucky students, and having been one of the lucky parents who got to experience your classes for many years now.  You could say we waited to leave the city until our three kids were almost grown out of your class!

Actually, I really believe that your classes were the foundation for both F.’s and T.’s continued passion for music. F. continues to play violin at age 10, an instrument she started when she outgrew your class.  The only trouble she runs into is that her ear is so well trained that she can easily “cheat” and learn new pieces after listening to a recording of them, instead of the more challenging option of reading the music!  T., 7, is still playing the guitar and LOVES it — as you may remember this is a boy who canNOT be forced into doing something he isn’t passionate about.  He often says to us as he’s learning a new song, “listen, don’t you love the way that chord sounds?”  H., who will turn 3 a few weeks after your class ends this semester, is already a big fan of yours after being in class with you almost as long as he’s been alive and, as you know from seeing him each week, he can’t get enough of dancing to the music.

I hope you keep my email in your contact list because we will certainly come to see your performances from time to time when we can, and I will always look forward to seeing your name come up in my Inbox.” Meghan C Moore

  • April 12, 2014

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