They absorb so much!

“Today after dinner, Ellie was marching around the house saying something that was a little hard to understand, but from what I could make out it was “Bring back money.”  Over and over again.  Bring back money.  For like 20 minutes.  I was a little puzzled about where she’d picked up a phrase like that.  And then I finally put it together…

Bring back my Bonnie to me. From class this afternoon. I started singing it and sure enough, she lit up.  ‘Bring back Bonnie! Bring back Bonnie!’ She then had me sing it, over and over, for the rest of the night. Every time I stopped, she’d say ‘Bring back!  Bring back!’ It made an impression.  Just as you’ve been saying over the last couple weeks — they absorb so much! Thanks for a great class.  See you next week.”

Debora Cahn

  • April 12, 2014

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