Parent Education: “Nothing Blues” – Exposure to various styles

Nothin’ Blues Did you know? True to its name, “Nothin’ Blues” is in one of the forms of the musical style known as “the blues.” As an adult, you have probably heard many different styles of music: rock, rap, country, jazz, blues, classical. It’s important for young children to hear and play with a variety of musical styles, too. Children can develop an excellent

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Parent Education: “2 little Blackbirds”- fine motor skills

Two Little Blackbirds Did you know? When children hold a block, push a button, color with a crayon, and eventually write, they are using their fine motor skills. Many Music Together songs, including “Two Little Blackbirds,” give children the opportunity for “fingerplay”—they make small movements with their fingers and hands as they play. These activities build important fine motor skills by exercising the small

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Parent Education: “Can you do what I do”- memory, listening skills

Can You Do What I Do? Did you know? Children love to imitate what they see and hear adults or other children do. Imitation is important to young children’s learning and development and it’s even more enjoyable during a music and movement activity. Imitation helps develop a child’s listening skills, attention, and memory. During the rhythmic chant “Can You Do What I Do?”, children

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Parent Ed “Allee Galloo” movement and music

Allee Galloo When children run, ride a bike, play on a jungle gym, or throw a ball, they need movement skills such as coordination, balance, and body control. Since music and movement go so well together, songs can be a great way for children to practice these skills. Try these activities at home with your child: Children love how “Allee Galloo” builds from the

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Parent Ed/Expand vobulary with “Me, You and We” song

Parent Educational Moment Me, You, and We This song has been one of the favorites this semester. All children no matter what age, seem to love love it. As our classes are coming to an end, ask your child which song they enjoyed in the Bell collection. We will be doing favorites in class. Did you know? One way to support your child’s language

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Parent Educational Moment: Songs without words

French Folk Song Did you know? “French Folk Song” is one of Music Together’s many songs without words. Because children do not have to process both language and music at the same time, songs without words allow them to focus on just the music. Songs without words are also often the first songs in which pre-verbal and dual-language learners are able to participate. Songs

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Parent educational moment- Chants

Did you know? ========== Chants and songs that use a call-and-response pattern naturally support your child’s developing self-regulation—the ability to control his or her energy level, emotions, urges, and behaviors. In “Rhythms and Rhymes,” each adult and child can take turns being the leader by “calling” out a verse (“Walking along on my feet, feet, feet”) while the other stays silent. Then, the other

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German Music Class “Musikalische Mäuse”

We will offer our German Music class again this Spring and hope we can run a class. We will have a special promotion for those who would like to do Music Together and Musikalische Mäuse.

We are now at Budding Blossoms Early Childcare.

Music Together Preschool Program Music Together® has been branching out to Preschools. A wonderful curriculum has been developed for Preschools which goes much deeper and far beyond the average music class children receive in their Preschools. From Spring of 2014, we are proud to announce that Sol La Ti Music is now offering Music Together® at Budding Blossoms Early Childcare in Harlem.

We are nominated for “Golden Daisy Award”!

In May 2014, Sol La Ti Music was nominated the “Golden Daisy Award” as best enrichment program in Morningside Heights and Harlem by Macaroni Kids. Macaroni Kid’s Gold Daisy Awards recognize the most beloved local businesses for kids and families.